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Session 2/10


Day Two: Learning to Relax

Welcome to Day 2 of your ten-day focus meditation journey.

Today we’re going to be talking about relaxation and how learning how to relax can really help you to increase focus and concentration.

You know, there’s a big connection between slowing down the mind and increasing your focus.

Because when you’re thinking about a million different things and you’re going in a million different directions, it’s pretty much impossible to focus on doing one thing.

Have you also noticed how hard it is to concentrate on something when you’re stressed out?

Learning how to relax both the body and the mind is truly one of the best ways you can help increase your focus and improve concentration. Really.

You know engaging in a regular meditation practice is one of the best ways to help you do this.

It’s a great way to relax. Meditation is excellent for relaxation.

Learning to relax by meditating regularly will also increase your productivity and make you work more efficiently whatever it is you happen to do for a living.

Whether you’re a teacher or an artist, athlete or aspiring actor or whatever you are, whatever you want to do, whatever you’re doing in this world…learning how to relax will actually make you better at it.

Sounds pretty great, right?

Let’s get to it then.

We’re just going to get right into our meditation today by finding a comfortable position

This could either be sitting in a chair or lying down on the floor or your bed

You might even want to try a traditional seated meditation position, where you’re seated on the floor, cross-legged, hands resting gently in your lap, spine straight.

There’s no right or wrong. Just whatever feels the most comfortable to you, in this moment.

(3 Second Pause)

Just get comfortable and start to settle in.

(3 Second Pause)

You can either close your eyes or choose to leave them open. Whatever suits you right now is all you need to do in this present moment.

(4 Second Pause)

Once you find yourself comfortable, we’re just going to begin to focus on the breath.

Just nice and easy.

Inhaling slowly

(2 Second Pause)

And exhaling gently

(5 Second Pause)

All you need to do in this moment is focus on your breath.

(20 Second Pause)

If the mind begins to wander just bring your attention back to the present moment and the natural rise and fall of your breath.

(2 Second Pause)

Just breathe

Slowly in

(2 Second Pause)

And gently out.

(4 Second Pause)

Go ahead and begin to invite a deeper sense of relaxation.

(2 Second Pause)

Right now we’re learning how to relax the mind through focusing on your breath.

(6 Second Pause)

Simply continue to breathe as you notice your mind begin to slip into a deeper state of relaxation

You can feel a gently sense of calm begin to wash over your mind as you continue to breathe slowly and calmly.

It’s this calm breathing that’s going to help you increase your focus.

And breathe.

(12 Second Pause)

Go ahead and bring your focus now to your physical body.

(3 Second Pause)

As you continue to slowly breathe you’re going to bring your attention to the top of your head and start to slowly bring your awareness…down your body.

(4 Second Pause)

Just feel your calm, focused breathing move down over your entire body.

Over your head.

(4 Second Pause)

Down your neck and onto your shoulders

(4 Second Pause)

Down your upper arms and into your elbows

(4 Second Pause)

Into your hands and unto each finger

(4 Second Pause)

Over your chest and down your upper back

(4 Second Pause)

Down your lower back and over your abdomen

(4 Second Pause)

Over your hips and down around your buttocks

(4 Second Pause)

Over your upper thighs and back down your hamstrings

(4 Second Pause)

The front and backs of your knees

(4 Second Pause)

Your ankles

(4 Second Pause)

Over the tops and soles of your feet

(4 Second Pause)

Over and under each toe

(20 Second Pause)

Notice where any parts of your body held more tension than others.

(15 Second Pause)

If your mind has begun to wander, just bring yourself gently back to the present moment. Begin again to focus on your breath.

(9 Second Pause)

Bring your awareness back to your physical body.

(2 Second Pause)

Just notice if there’s any areas where you’re holding unnecessary tension.

(2 Second Pause)

And if you are, just try breathing into these tense areas, focusing on staying calm and present in this moment.

(19 Second Pause)

Start to bring your attention back to the present moment.

It doesn’t matter where you’ve been in your mind. Just gently let your focus come back to this space and time. The room around you.

Go ahead and invite a deeper breath.

Maybe wiggle your fingers and toes.

Just start to wake your body up from the meditation.

Let yourself come back to this present moment.

(6 Second Pause)

In your own time you can open your eyes if they’ve been closed and just come back to notice your physical presence in this moment.

You might want to take a moment to notice any differences you feel now compared to when we first started the meditation.

Do you feel more relaxed than you did when we started or is there some differences you might notice in your body?

You can listen to this meditation any time you want to relax and just right now before you get up and continue on with your day, just be sure to give yourself a minute to appreciate the time you just gave yourself. And what it’s really doing for you.

Any time you feel like you might want to relax throughout the day, just bring your mind back to the way you feel right now by pausing to just take a few, deep, relaxed, focused breaths.

We’ll see you back again tomorrow for more ways to increase your focus through the power of meditation.

Learning how to relax both the body and the mind is truly one of the best ways you can help increase your focus and improve concentration. Really.

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