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Session 2/10


Settle yourself into a comfortable position. Allow the hands and feet to rest fully so that you can bring your awareness away from the physical body. focus on the breath. Follow the rise and the full of your belly and chest as you inhale and exhale.

Inhale and exhale. Inhale and exhale. Inhale. And exhale. The jaypee Bree, the deeper you go. Allow each breath to take you further into a state of relaxation, a state of inner peace.

Notice any tension that you might be feeling in the body and breathe deeply into that space, letting go of the tension on the exhale.

Inhale and expand. Exhale and release. Inhale and expand. Exhale and release. Inhale and expand. Exhale and release. Allow your whole body to soften and relax. There is no need to hold anything tight. You are completely safe to relax your whole body here.

Bring your awareness to your belly and your growing baby within connect in with their energy. Imagine them floating peacefully within your womb. Notice that in this space, they are in total relaxation, total beliefs. Their every need is met before they even know they have it. Connect in with this pace that they feel within you. share in this energy with them.

Inhaling in an exhale it out. Inhale it in and exhale it out. Inhale in and exhale it out. Start to imagine now the baby they will be when you hold them in your arms for the first time.

Imagine that moment when you lay eyes on them for the first time and they are placed warm and wet on your chest. Imagine the feeling that will wash over you in that moment.

Visualize now taking home your baby for the first time. Walking through your front door and welcoming your baby to the place that you will raise them. start imagining yourself now walking through daily life with your baby.

What do you imagine your days will look like? What do you imagine yourself doing? Where do you spend time with? Where do you go? What challenges do you think you face in your day to day life with a baby? What support will you have in from home? What expectations do you have about life with a baby?

What expectations do you have on the baby of yourself or of your partner? How will your day to day life change from what it currently is? How will your role in the home or your work life change How do you foresee your relationships with yourself, your partner and your friends changing?

Let whatever images you have about motherhood play out in your head. Don’t try to control them. Simply explore the picture of motherhood that your mind creates. Let your inner knowing explore these images without judgment. simply observe.

Notice how these images feel in your body. Do they feel calm, settle, nurturing, or perhaps stressful, overwhelming and true. Explore the emotions surrounding your ideas of what motherhood will be like for you. Allow this calm, clear, subconscious mind of yours to explore these mental images and emotions. Try not to judge them. Try not to change them. You may be surprised by what comes up. You may try to judge that it’s too idealistic. Or perhaps start to see for the first time exactly how idealistic your ideas are. Try not to get involved in the thinking process about these images. simply observe.

Allow your unconscious beliefs and ideas around motherhood to surface allow them to reveal themselves to you without fear of judgment or interrogation. Allow your inner truth to reveal itself. Stay in this space of visualization for as long as you need.

When you’re ready to start returning to your conscious mind. Start by bringing your awareness back to the body. Breathe into the spaces that feel heavy and lethargic and watch as the energy returns with the breath. Take your own time to come fully back into the body to end this meditation. You may like to find a pen and paper now. Write down the images and ideas that were revealed to you about motherhood by your subconscious. Use these images to evaluate how you believe this will match up to your reality and how you can ensure those important people in your life are on the same page as you. You use these images to create the support network you need to have the motherhood journey that you imagine or evaluate which images and beliefs perhaps need changing in order to allow yourself to fully surrender into this motherhood journey.

What do you imagine your days will look like? What do you imagine yourself doing? Where do you spend time with? Where do you go?

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