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Session 8/10


Finding yourself now – moving away from your busy day – and into the beautiful surroundings that you’ve chosen. If you felt rushed, during your day –if you felt challenged – and perhaps, stress – just take a deep breath now – and let all that begin to go, to leave you, on the out breath. Slowing down.  And settling in. Letting your body and your mind move into those naturally slower rhythms – that easy state of being – that lets you begin to drift into night, and relaxation – and sleep, and dream. Here, at the end of your day. Such an easy way to move toward restful sleep – in these comfortable surroundings – this beautiful setting that speaks to you of relaxation and ease.

Body and mind, both settling in – following the breath. Letting any thoughts or concerns float away from you, as though they were balloons floating out and away. On the out breath – you can give them a little extra push. There. It feels so good to let the mind relax, doesn’t it? With nothing to think of but your breath, easily moving in … and out … and the sound of my voice … And letting the body relax. On the in breath – feeling where you might be tense, or tight. And on the out breath – just letting that tenseness, that tightness, flow away, carried away on the breath. There. It’s gone, and perhaps you feel your muscles – your shoulders, arms and legs – looser. More languid.

And you know – sometimes you think of the word “lazy” as describing something that’s not such a good thing. But here – in this time – lazy is a way to describe – just how you want to be. Right now – you can be just as loose and limp and lazy as you would ever want to be. Choosing to do absolutely nothing – to think of nothing – letting yourself be absolutely lazy – and unfocused – as you move down into relaxation – sleep – and dream.


And noticing how much your body likes letting thought go – letting them go like those balloons – and just breathing, and focusing gently on your breath. How it’s easy to notice where your body may be tight – or tense – and letting your breath expand that place of tenseness – and feeling it loosen and ease. Tightening that place a little more on the in breath – relaxing it, and letting tension flow away, on the out breath.

And perhaps realizing that the tension flowing out of you leaves more space – for comfort, or gratitude, or joy. That’s right. This time of relaxation that leads you into deep sleep – makes it possible for you to be more present, more joyous – when you wake tomorrow. More joyous as you move through your day – rested, and energized. It’s good to know that, isn’t it? That your subconscious will work through any stresses from this day, as you rest and sleep. And you’ll wake tomorrow – almost as though your emotions had been swept away, and you are empty of emotion, and ready for whatever surprises the day brings –

And for now – Breathing. And settling into this drifting down, into rest and sleep, in your own time. In your own way –

Relaxation: connection with the landscape

Continuing to notice where your body would like to tense – and then relax – on the in breath – and the out breath – as you let yourself fully enter into this landscape you’ve chosen – exploring here, at the same time – you let your imagination, your memory, take you to other settings, other beautiful surroundings as they rise up in your consciousness – remembering journeying to this place, just moments ago, earlier, before – before you came to where you are now. When you were following the path that led here.

And you may remember – looking at this setting, or seeing the setting you chose in your mind’s eye – the sights and sounds as your followed the path – earlier – as you passed by the elements of the landscape that called you in, and deeper. The sounds – of water – or wind in trees – or creatures that make their home here. The sounds of this place … (pause) the sound of my voice  (pause) Here, in the perfect place to take you into relaxation – and rest (pause) And the fragrance, carried in the air – of the season – or the scent of the growing things here – that surprise of knowing a flower, or a tree, or the presence of water, by the scent of it, before you even see it – what fragrances does this place of safety and comfort offer to you? (pause) The fragrance in the air, here, touching some place deep within you, a place that speaks of ease – (pause) The feel of the temperature and the movement of air, on your skin – (pause) the feel of the path, under your feet – (pause) and movement. Movement of water, ripples on the surface, or waves that rise and fall – or perhaps, the movement of branches in the wind …  birds crossing in the sky … your own movement, from waking self – to sleeping self – your own movement – even deeper – into relaxation – into this time of rest – supported, surrounded by all this beauty –

Anchor phrase: “easily surrendering to sleep. And dream.”

Everything here just as it should be. This time, just the right time. This place, the perfect place for you to invite your body to invite your mind down – into rest… Being just as you are right now.. breathing in the way that is just right for you.  And feeling yourself gently held – gently safe – and knowing it would be safe, now, to relax even more deeply. To surrender, even more – to this dreaming movement down, into rest. In your own time – in your own way – and if you like, knowing that when you hear me say these words – when you hear me say the words – “easily surrendering to sleep. And dream” – you will easily slip further down into relaxation, surrender, sleep. And dream.

Body of meditation: Entering the dreaming self

Going back to the path you took, to come here – remembering. And back, further still, remembering how you were carried here, the bus that brought you here – that you may remember, or pretend to remember – a bus you climbed into, leaving your conscious mind waiting outside the doors, while you took a seat and the bus began moving to the place, this place, where your subconscious waited – because sometimes your conscious mind is confused, and doesn’t know how to help you. But your subconscious mind knows how to help you move into sleep – just as it knows how to bring more joy into your life –

The bus beginning to move, carrying you into perfect sleep – deep relaxation – the images and memories floating in and out of your mind, as your breath … moves in and out …

Only you on the bus, and you may remember you chose a seat and stretched out comfortably. Listening – to my voice as the bus began to move, lumbering its way here – a place where you can be far, far away from the routines of your day. Moving further and further away, and into rest. The restfulness here. Not needing to really pay attention, because someone else is driving now – and that’s fine – finding yourself drowsing a bit, and feeling the bus slow and turn, and go for a bit – and then slow and turn again – turning left, or right – and realizing it doesn’t matter, you didn’t need to watch or follow, because you knew, didn’t you, that you’d end up in exactly the right place. That you’d end up here.

Glad that you don’t have to watch for which turn to take. Someone else is doing that for you. And enjoying just where you were, at the same time you wonder when you’ll arrive – just as you wonder, should you stay partly awake and aware of my voice, and the movement of the bus – or would you rather let yourself let go now, fully into sleep and dream? It sounds appealing, either way – and the choices are yours – should you sink into a deep sleep now, or in a moment? Because it’s almost as though you are already dreaming – so perhaps you already have – although how would I know? But I know whether you surrender fully to sleep now, or before, or in a moment or two – sleep is waiting for you, and glad to wait, until you are ready –

Affirmation: more joy in your life

And knowing the bus is carrying you into your future – and the driver knows – just which way to go – so that your rest is full, and deep, and easy. Rejuvenating. And your waking tomorrow, after just the right amount of sleep, finds you joyous. Vibrant. Ready for your day, and excited about what will come.

Anchor phrase to end: Drifting down into sleep and dream

But for now – as the bus moves with you – and you aware of my voice, or barely awake as the bus turned toward sleep, and moved down a hill – or asleep already – whether now or in a moment, or just a moment ago – easily surrendering to sleep.  And dream.

If you felt rushed, during your day –if you felt challenged – and perhaps, stress – just take a deep breath now – and let all that begin to go, to leave you, on the out breath.

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