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Session 01/05


Hello and welcome to this guided meditation for your breath and self love. This series is all about practicing self love, so you can come back and listen to these guided meditations as many times as you need. Remember to have fun, relax, and know that there is no right or wrong way to experience meditation. Anything you do will be the right choice for you. Get into a comfortable position that you can stay in for the next 20 minutes or more.

Allow your breath to naturally slow down into a rhythm that is relaxing for you

If you feel comfortable doing this, allow your exhalations to be a bit longer than your inhalations and breathe all the way down to your lower belly area. Feel your breath filling up your body, and leaving your body. Feel the sensations in your body as you breathe.

The following section asks you to use your imagination. However, if you have difficulty doing this, simply act as if your body is experiencing it. Just have fun and play here. Imagine you are breathing in the most beautiful, nourishing sense you have ever smelled before. Perhaps they’re your favorite flowers, food, smell in nature, or just something incredibly fresh. It doesn’t matter what it is as long as it makes you feel happy.

Again, if you cannot imagine a smell, just act as if your body is smelling a beautiful aroma. The air is pure and rejuvenating, it cleans your lungs as you breathe and it fills your body and mind with joy, happiness and relaxation.

The air smells amazing. And just spend some time enjoying your ability to breathe in this scent. Enjoy how wonderful it feels to breathe in this delicious smell.

You don’t need to do this, but if you want to enjoy the smell even more, you can raise your arms up as you inhale and then bring them back down as you exhale. Bringing them up above your head, hands pointing towards the sky as you inhale and lowering them back down to your lap as you exhale. Getting your body flowing as you breathe. Just continue breathing in this loving air all around you as I go quiet for a little while.

Enjoying the sensations of breathing.

This beautiful air all around you is affecting your body, deeply relaxing every part of it, from your blood, to your muscle s,to your nerves, to your bones.

Every part of you feels pleasantly affected by this air all around you.

You breathe in this loving air and breathe back out again.

You can relax your arms now back down to your sides if you wish to, you feel your head being affected by this beautiful loving air like the top of your head.

Your forehead, your eyebrow, your eyes, your cheeks, your mouth, your tongue, your jaw, your ears, your neck, your collarbone area, your shoulders, your upper arms, your elbows, your lower arms, your wrists, your hands, and your fingers.

You feel this wonderful smelling air affecting your whole body, even spreading into your torso and relaxing every part of your body like your lungs, your heart, your stomach, and your digestive system. You feel your spine being affected by this loving air that you’re breathing in.

You feel your whole upper torso relax. In your waist, and your hips, and lower belly relax as well, and your lower back, and your buttocks, and your groin, your upper legs, your knees, your lower legs, your ankles, your feet, and your toes relax as well. This air makes your body feel so light and pleasant.

Simply keep breathing in this wonderful air, all the way down into the very bottom of your belly, and back out again, enjoying the sensations that this loving air causes you to feel in your body.

Your whole body is deeply relaxed, from the top of your head to the tips of your toes.

From your skin to your bones. Deeply, deeply relaxed.

As you keep breathing, I am going to say some simple sentences. You can either say them out loud in your mind as you keep breathing, or just let them wash over your body as I speak. If you disagree with anything said feel free to ignore it and just only accept what you wish to receive.

You are loved, you are appreciated, you are respected, you are free, you are trustworthy, you are special, you are feeling light and pleasant, you are feeling connected to your body and calm, you are present in this moment of life, everything is okay in your life, everything will work out in your favor, you can relax again, just be present in this moment.

There is nothing to do, but be with yourself if you need something to focus on, keep your awareness on the sensations of your breath. I’ll go quiet for a little while now. Just be present with yourself.

Relaxing as you breathe. There’s nothing to do but be with your breath and with yourself.

Being present with yourself.

Enjoying the present moment.

Now, feel your body being held towards the Earth, either on your chair, the floor or the surface you are resting upon. Feel where your body makes contact with the earth beneath you.

Feel the sensations of anything touching your body, perhaps your clothes or jewelry.

Feel how your body feels now as a whole. Just observe it without judgment.

As we close this meditation, I want to congratulate you for listening to it and giving yourself love through breathing. Remember that you can come back anytime. And you can also keep on meditating. Now if you would like to. All you have to do is keep breathing in this wonderful aroma and feeling your body relax even more. I hope you have a lovely day. Until next time.

Imagine you are breathing in the most beautiful, nourishing sense you have ever smelled before. Perhaps they're your favorite flowers, food, smelling nature, or just something incredibly fresh. It doesn't matter what it is as long as it makes you feel happy.

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