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Session 03/05


Hello and welcome to this guided meditation on finding stillness in your life. In our modern world, there is often so much stimulation with our technology, to-do lists, responsibilities, fast paced communication apps and more.

In this guided meditation, we’ll take some time to enjoy the present moment and how beautifully simple it is. There is nothing you need to do. Sometimes giving yourself love can be done just through doing nothing. So let’s do nothing for a little while. Get comfortable and relax back.

If you wish you can lie down for this meditation and gaze up at the ceiling or sky.

Observe what you see without thinking too much about it. Maybe look at the colors maybe you look at the shapes you can see just gaze on anything in front of you.

Perhaps your breath slows down into a gentle rhythm, perhaps it doesn’t. Anything is fine.

There is nothing to do, nothing to think about. It’s just you in this moment.

Stillness is beautiful.

Instead of bringing your attention to something happening, consider observing the stillness or nothingness all around you.

Let’s start with your breath, as you breathe in and out there may be a pause in between your breaths what does this pause feel like when you just observe it?

Just observing the stillness between the breaths, observing the silence between activity.

Perhaps a stillness reveals itself in your body as you breathe. Perhaps not, anything is welcome.

Observing the stillness wherever you find it.

Perhaps a stillness reveals itself between your thoughts as you relax here, perhaps not, again anything is welcome.

Just observing the silence and stillness of life.

Perhaps your experience changes as you continue to be with the stillness between your breaths.

Releasing any expectations of what you’re supposed to do in a guided meditation or what you want out of this.

Anything that you do is perfect, there’s never any right or wrong here.

Allowing your breath to change, your body’s position to change, or your experience to change if it naturally happens.

There is a simplicity to this stillness, so simple.

There is a stillness in everything around you, the stillness between sensations in your body.

The stillness between sounds.

The stillness between scents.

The stillness between flavors.

The stillness between visual input through your eyes.

We typically focus on stimulation in life, but what happens when we go back into the simple stillness of life, and on complex life?

What stillness around you draws you towards it?

What stillness do you feel?

What stillness are you able to be present with?

What is your experience of the stillness or nothingness?

Very good. Now it is time to come back into the world of both stimulus and stillness together. If you would like to continue feeling the stillness on your own, just continue meditating on your own for as long as you wish. Feeling the stillness of life.

If you’d like to end it now just follow along, feel the sensations in your body like the weights of your body resting upon the chair, floor, couch or whatever you’re resting upon.

Perhaps notice the feeling of fabric on your skin or the temperature that you can feel.

Hear the sound surrounding you, perhaps sounds close or far away.

Smell any scents that are surrounding you perhaps the subtle smell of the room you are in if there is one.

Taste any flavors on your tongue, perhaps what you drank earlier or toothpaste from brushing your teeth.

Observe what you see around you, just taking in the scenery. The colors, the light versus shadow around you.

And taking a gentle stretch when you are ready, being very mindful of anything around you so you don’t accidentally hit it.

Anytime you feel overwhelmed, nervous, anxious or unloved from life. Just come back here and feel the simple stillness again. Thank you for sharing this moment with me. Until next time.

Sometimes giving yourself love can be done just through doing nothing. So let's do nothing for a little while.

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