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Session 7/10


Hello, welcome to the next meditation in your eating disorder meditation series.

I am so glad you’re here today, taking this time to take care of yourself. Meditation is a wonderful gift of self love. And by choosing this gift, you choose to honor your recovery right now.

Let’s begin with our usual introduction. Sit or lie in a comfortable position. And begin drawing attention to your breath.

Start taking several deep breaths, holding for at least five counts. Let’s do this a few times together.

Inhale 1,2,3,4,5 inhale 1,2,3,4,5. And one more time, inhale 1,2,3,4,5.

Today, I want you to imagine that you are going to travel into the future. You can jump aboard any mode of transportation you like – your feet, a car, a train, even a boat. Whatever feels right to you. Let’s start moving. Keep on moving in your mode of transportation.

And you’ve now arrived at your destination and you have reached a beautiful lake. Outside the weather is just as you like it. Take a moment and feel the air against your face.

Take in this stillness of the water just in front of you. Do you hear any sounds, smell anything. Just take in the site exactly as it is. You are here, you are in your future self. In some ways, it is already a part of you. It is the combination of every past and present action you make.

I want you to imagine you are standing here at this lake in a place of strong, successful, meaningful recovery. Feel it in your body and it travel through your blood and feel any heat that rises through you. Think about what this might feel like. I want you to picture that you are happy and proud of yourself that you had conquered something big, something challenging. Something that tried to take you down. I want you to commend yourself right now.

You are so strong. You are so powerful. Let’s think about what your life might feel like right now.

What are you doing? Who do you spend your time with? What is filling your heart with joy and purpose? What is there when the eating disorder is gone.

I want you to imagine you are happier beyond your wildest dreams. You have achieved what you wanted to
do, it was all worth it. All the heartache, the struggle, the fear, the apprehension. You trudged through and you kept moving.

You kept fighting for what you knew you deserve. I want you to imagine that you now see a single flower on the ground. What is this flower look like? What color is it?

Pick it up, hold it in your hands. protect it. You are going to take this flower back with you back into your present life. It is a reminder of what your future you holds of what the magnificent world can look like soon. You may not be there today. Maybe not tomorrow.

But this flower reminds you that you are on your way. And when you start to lose doubt, as most of us do, you can return to this flower. Tuck it somewhere deep within you are a guide how you will live your life. Let’s take a deep breath.

Have one last look at the lake around you. You can return to this beautiful scene at any time. It is a safe place, a place where your future you lives where the world can be beautiful and happy and full of limitless opportunity. Hold on to your flower. Hold it closely. Protect it. It’s quite fragile.

We are going to return to the same present the way we left. Walking, running, in the car on the boat. Take that mode of transportation and bring yourself right back to yourself.

As you return back to the present moment. Feel the ground or surface underneath you. Feel how your clothes lie against your skin. How your breath moves in and out of the body. If any thoughts arise or distractions, just note them. You can return to them later, or not. But right now you’re going to stay in this stillness.

Breathing in, breathing out. Today is the new day. Every moment is a brand new moment.

We choose to move towards healing at any given time. You’ll always have that option. Future you lives right there. right inside of you. Growing and learning, adapting to everything you need. You can trust that future you can guide present you into the right direction.

Future you has so much more insight and experience. They know what you need. Sometimes you just have to ask. Let’s take a couple deep breaths.

Can you bring that power back into your hands? Picture yourself holding it keeping it safe Future you loves you and forgives you, no matter what. Future you cares about you. As we reach the end of today’s meditation, invite you to visualize this flower.

If you notice any moments of sadness or stress or shame throughout the day, remember what it symbolizes. Remember you are safe.

Thank you, I look forward to our next meditation together.

You are so strong. You are so powerful. Let's think about what your life might feel like right now.

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