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Session 1/10


Hello, my name is Nicole, and I am a licensed therapist here to support you on your eating disorder recovery journey. Living with an eating disorder can be so challenging. But we’re going to work together in this series to find meaning and hope. I invite you to begin your practice by settling into a comfortable position. You may sit, lie down or simply rest where you are. There is no right or wrong here. We are going to begin by taking a deep breath in through your nose.

Inhale as much air as you can fill your lungs with this air. Feel it as it expands you. Then exhale deeply through your mouth. Let’s continue that a few more times. This is deliberate breathing. We’re using your breath to guide your body and slow your mind might be joining this series because you’re struggling with food or your body or perfectionism. Perhaps your self esteem feels low right now. Maybe you’re even feeling a bit helpless. These roadblocks can hurt. You can make you question your progress and doubt your capabilities. Take another deep breath and tell yourself I am showing up for myself right now. Because you are you are here and you are brave and you are worthy. You have this gift of self love.

I am showing up for myself right now as you breathe, consider this. You are exactly where you need to be. This series of meditations will help you feel more attuned to your body, to your relationship with food to your spirit. You have everything you need for healing. You are capable of loving yourself and treating yourself with the kindness you deserve. Now let’s take another deep breath. Where are you right now. Think about the sensations you feel in your body. What feels tight or tense. Start by softening the space between your eyebrows. Move your tongue away from the roof of your mouth.

Unclench your shoulders. wiggle your fingers for a bit and then move down to your toes and wiggle then
for a beat as well. unclench anything else that feels tight. Imagine the tension leaving your body. Visualize yourself waving goodbye to this tension. Take a few more deep breaths and enjoy the relaxation your body is getting here.

Stay in this moment right here. right where you are. For an uncomfortable thought or feeling arises Visualize yourself waving hello to it. This just a stranger passing me by. do not need to make conversation or pay any more attention. You are learning how to honor your body and think it for all its inherent goodness. You’re learning how to pay attention to what it needs. Tell yourself right now, I can give my body what it needs. Feel how that statement lands in your body. Where did it settle? Breathe into it. Sit with this statement as it rests inside you. I can give my body what it needs. visualize it on a beautiful piece of stationery. And imagine you can carry it everywhere you go. Imagine it can guide you in all of your endeavors.

Return to the breath. Inhale deeply can give my body what it needs. Inhale Exhale, feel the air rush out Have you think about what it could feel to live this way.

What honoring your most authentic self really means. Notice how the breath feels as you contemplate this except whatever emotions or thoughts arise right now. There is no right way to be. You are where you are. Your recovery will be a unique and beautiful process. No matter how far you are, or how uncertain you feeling. Today is a new day. This moment is a new moment. This breath is a new breath in you are alive and in this world. And you are supposed to be right here. If you are noticing doubt or apprehension accept it. We will work through these emotions by the later time. For now, you can remind yourself I can give my body what it needs. I will learn to take care of myself. Now put your hands to your heart. feel your heartbeat and keep your hands there. What is keeping you alive. It has worked so hard for you. Ever since you’re born, it will do everything it can to help you survive. Give your heart A moment of big gratitude. Not take one last deep breath through the nose. Inhale as deeply as you can. Now breathe out as deeply as you can. Just stay here in this stillness for as long as you need.

Do you notice anything different now that we’re coming to an end any new feelings or thoughts? slight changes are normal. We will review them later. For now except this meditation practice for what it was and what it is. we end our time together tell yourself thank you for showing up and honoring yourself today. I look forward to seeing you for our next meditation together.

There is no right way to be. You are where you are. Your recovery will be a unique and beautiful process.

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