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Session 3/10


Hello, my name is Nicole. And I’m here to support you on your journey towards your eating disorder recovery. I am so grateful that you are here for yourself today.

What an amazing gift you are giving yourself. Let’s begin by getting into a comfortable position, seated or lying down. You can arrange your body in any way that feels most comfortable, or luxurious to wear are going to start by taking a very deep breath. Like we did last time, I want you to inhale through your nose deeply. Hold your breath and count to five.


They saw the air inside of you make that sound as you exhale. Let’s repeat that a few more times together. I want you to start thinking about your eating disorder today. Note the thoughts that came up for you. What did your eating disorder tell you that you should or shouldn’t do? What did it tell you to eat? Or not eat? How did it tell you that you looked? How did it hurt you today? spend a moment reflecting on all of those demands. Today we’re going to externalize your eating disorder. We’re going to put it outside of you. Let’s start by giving your eating disorder a name. It can be any name, but it shouldn’t be a name that you think you will be able to remember. Now think about what your eating disorder looks like. give it an image, color it all in Is it a person, an animal a nondescript shape. By giving your eating disorder a name and image, you’re telling yourself that your eating disorder is not your identity.

It can be outside of you. Now tell that to yourself right now. My eating disorder is not my identity. Take a few more deep breaths and keep reflecting on that statement. My eating disorder is not my identity. By eating disorder is not my identity. your eating disorder wants to tell you that it’s bigger than you that it can control you. But really, it is just a cluster of dysfunctional thoughts and old patterns. It is a reality that feels so true. But yet it doesn’t need to be that way. Think about what life might feel like if you could tell your eating disorder to leave you alone. If you could close the door on it. Now imagine your disorder. Picture the name the image that you just created and visualize it knocking on your front door. Knocking quite vigorously as it tends to do you hear it knocking now I’m Imagine you open the door. You recognize who it is. You say hello. And then you tell it. I am not letting you in my house right now. And then picture yourself gently closing the door and moving into another room. What did that feel like? notice any thoughts or emotions that came up. You may feel a sense of empowerment, pride and joy. Or you may feel some skepticism, doubt, even sadness. This range of emotion is normal. It can be challenging to close the door on what may seem like a long lost friend. Take a few deep breaths right here. Think about one of the meanest things your eating disorder tells you. Is it a criticism about how you look how you act, what you should be doing differently. Now visualize your eating disorder, name and image, knocking on your door again, knocking very loudly, very obnoxiously. You open the door. You see it right there. And it tells you that really mean thing. Now picture yourself challenging your eating disorder. talk back to it. Pretend it’s out to hurt you out to ruin your life. Say something back. Anything that comes to mind works. Don’t wait for it to respond. Just close the door. walk back into your home and move to another room. Take a deep breath. We can learn how to talk back to criticism. We can challenge negative messages that once felt so real and defeating. By practicing this skill, you will feel more empowered and more capable. You will put your eating disorder in its place far away from your life. No matter how many times it knocks you never have to let it come inside. And even if you do, it’s your home. You can kindly or not so kindly ask it to leave at any time, no matter what. So honor your home, protect it. Take care of it. It is the only one you have. And nobody can ensure its safety the way you can. your eating disorder will knock. It will knock when you feel scared or sad or even happy. But knocking is just knocking. It does not have the power to bargin. Remember that breeds to that.

Stay here with your breath right here. As we close this meditation, I want you to think about how your eating disorder knocks at you today. Picture those thoughts is no facts and picture yourself responding to them. You can do this. I believe in you. Thank you for giving yourself this love today.

And then you tell it, I am not letting you in my house right now. And then picture yourself gently closing the door and moving into another room.

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