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Session 2/10


For your meditation, I invite you to take a comfortable seated position. Allow yourself to fully land in that place that you’re in right now. Allow yourself to sense your body. Feel your breath. Feel how your belly is expanding with your inhale. And how you’re relaxing, with every exhale that you consciously take. I want you to see now that there are always two options and two ways to see the world. One view is to see the world from a position of fear. And from a position where everything feels kind of limited. There’s also the other possibility to see the world from a place of love and possibilities. As if you have a line, where you have two ends, you have the possibility side and the love side and you have the fear, and limitation side. And just notice that you can choose life is like this line, and everything has to end. And as the darkness is not existing without the light. The dreams, and the love and possibilities are also not existing without the limitations and the fear. Yet you can choose where you’re standing on this line. I want you to take a moment to take in the beauty of the space around you. How does it make you feel? Now imagine that there are courts binding you to the space making it impossible to move. What was once beautiful now feels limited and frightening. These thick courts are anchoring you locking you to the nature all around and you begin to panic as you’re caught up in a weapon beyond your control. How do you feel now? each chord represents a fear of limitation in your life. There is no need to define what kind of fear it is. Maybe it’s very clear to you or maybe not. And that’s okay. Just see and realize that these courts are representing Your fears that are limiting you when it comes to your dreams in your life.

And now imagine that. From above your head there’s a light coming in entering your body and covering your body. And this light brings a gift with it. A scissor a magical scissor Can you take the scissor now in your hands? Imagine to cut each court that is connected to you, and the nature surround you.

You cut each limitation, each fear around you cut yourself free now.

And now you feel how all these courts, these tight, courts are falling off your body. Suddenly, you feel so free, and so spacious. You see the sun shining at you. And you realize, it doesn’t look so frightening anymore. It actually looks very peaceful, harmonious and loving. You realize that there’s so much beauty around you. So much freedom to choose from. And now, I want you to imagine, to walk through this piece of nature. hear the birds, feel the sun and start to dream. And let yourself be inspired by this freedom that this nature is representing to you. You ask yourself the question. If everything is possible, what do I really want? Where do I want to live? What do I want to create? With who do I want to be together? How do I want to spend my life? How do I want to spend my day? Everything is possible. If I can choose freely, what would I choose? Allow yourself to give yourself this freedom now. Allow yourself to dream without any limitations. And whenever you need more inspiration. Go to the nature. Go for a walk. Be creative. And just ask yourself if everything is possible, what would I choose? I invite you to take this courage to free yourself from limitations to cut the court and to choose a new with this wisdom and this experience inside of you. Allow yourself now to come back to this present moment. To this room, where you’re in. Start to deepen your breath to move your body again and to welcome yourself back.

And as the darkness is not existing without the light. The dreams, and the love and possibilities are also not existing without the limitations and the fear.

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