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Session 4/10


Welcome to this meditation I invite you to take a comfortable seated position and allow yourself to breathe in through your nose into your belly center. Let go with the exhale and allow yourself to just breathe for a moment. Turn your attention towards your breath and just fully land in that place where you’re in right now.

When we’re stressed when we are overwhelmed and busy in our head, it’s as if our energy our self is everywhere outside. It is everywhere except in yourself. And that’s why we tend to feel very drained and our energy there is a way to call everything back to you to regain energy and to feel more centered.

I want you now to imagine that you’re standing and while you’re standing there, surround you you see little pieces. little particles. As if the air suddenly becomes visible to you. It’s as if you’re in a storm surrounded by little pieces that are flying around you. And just imagine you’re standing with all these pieces flying around you.

And these pieces are you just allow yourself to believe that for a moment that all these pieces that are flying around you that are loose, are actually you pieces of you that have come loose pieces that detached themselves from you, from your inner self. And all these pieces are energy and energy that gives you power. And when you detach from these pieces, and when these pieces come loose, you feel less powerful, less empowered, drained in your energy. And now it’s time to bring these pieces back to you to bring your energy, your power back to you. And I want you now to imagine that you are like a magnet. Your body is like a magnet. And you’re setting the intention now. Either internally or by saying it out loud.

I call in all the pieces that are mine. And with this intention, you activate this magnet that you know are and you start seeing that all these pieces that are you that are flying in the outside are now Returning to you, they start to be attracted by this magnet that you know are. And you see how these pieces come closer and closer to you. These pieces just want to stick to you, to your body to this magnet that you are. And while these pieces come back to you, he started to notice that he turned into a golden light. And the more pieces are coming to you, the brighter this light gets. As if you are covered in golden light. And this light shines around you spreads beyond your physical body. Why you keep calling in these pieces, it is expanding more and more. And now, I didn’t want you to just feel how you’re covered in that golden light.

How you’re covered in you, with you in your full potential with everything that is you just feel how you radiate golden light. It is like a protecting golden cocoon that gives you energy that stores your own energy. This cocoon allows you to keep your energy by making it very clear that everything that is not serving you is not going to enter this cocoon.

Everything that is not golden is not entering you. Just imagine how powerful you feel. feel it in your body. Feel this wholeness, feel how you’re filled up from within every cell is filled up with golden light. And with this remembrance of this golden cocoon around you.

I invite you now to store that experience within your system by simply saying I store this experience and I can always come back to this experience. I can always return to this golden cocoon at any time whenever I need to. And I invite you now to sense your physical body. Again, a sense how you’re in this room where you’re in right now. Start to move your body again. allow your body to move. deepen your breath and then Welcome yourself back.

How you're covered in you, with you in your full potential with everything that is you just feel how you radiate golden light.

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