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Session 7/10


Welcome to your meditation. I invite you now to take a comfortable seated position. And allow yourself to fully land in that place where you’re in right now.

And the easiest way to do so is by connecting to your breath. By simply allowing yourself to watch your breath, inhale into your belly. exhale through your mouth. And inhale again. And exhale with the sound that wants to come through.

So often when we breathe, we stop ourselves from fully letting go. And it could be so simple by just allowing every sound to be released with the exhale.

So do this one more time, breathe in into your belly. And let go with an exhale and the sound. Bring your attention now, for a moment into your root chakra. Imagine a dark red ball is sitting, right where you touch the surface of this room that you’re in. imagined imagine this red ball circulating in the very bottom of your body. anchoring you in this moment, connecting you to yourself to this body and to the earth to the ground underneath you. Just feel this connection for a moment. And feel how this circulating red ball is now getting bigger and bigger. As if you could turn up the volume of that holding and supporting energy. And this circle is now bigger than your body. It is spreading over your whole field covering you in red, supporting a light, dark red light by just simply imagining it. Feel how your body relaxes. Feel how your body gets more heavy, more grounded, more relaxed. And then start to decrease that color again and invited to keep working in the background. While you’re now bringing your attention into your chest into your heart Just imagine a green ball in your heart. And this green ball is also increasing now has if you could turn the volume up here, as well. And it’s filling your whole chest with green, nourishing light.

Increase the volume of this light so that the light surrounds your whole chest area, also outside of you.

And when we pay attention to our heart, we not only open ourselves up to compassion, and empathy, and love, we also open ourselves up to abundance. abundance that is everywhere. And yet, so often, we don’t really know how to connect to that feeling of abundance. So I invite you now to imagine, while you’re sensing yourself in this radiant green light, that also the air that you brace turns into the color green. So you sense and see how this green air is entering your body with every inhale. And with the exhale, E, exhale, green and use air. And while you’re breathing that green air, you realize that air is everywhere. Even if you stop breathing, you notice that you can start to breathe at any point again, without the fear of not having the air right now. Air surrounds you in this very moment. And it’s nourishing your body yourself. And you can now imagine that it’s not air that you breathe, it is another element. And that can be something that you wish to have more in your life. For example, more love, more sun, more money. And just imagine now that you breathe in this other element that you breathe in love. Love enters your body and used energy goes out again. And if you chose money or any other element, then just imagine that you breathe in that element. feel in your body, that this abundance of money the abundance of love is entering your body. This abundance is all around you. And you take it in with every cell with every moment. You can always come back to this feeling to this experience of abundance And I invite you now to start sensing your physical body again. Start deepening your breath. sense your body in this room, move your body and come back. Welcome back.

So often when we breathe, we stop ourselves from fully letting go. And it could be so simple by just allowing every sound to be released with the exhale.

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