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Session 6/10


Welcome to your meditation to invite more balance into your life. For this meditation, I invite you to take a seated and comfortable position. Allow yourself to deepen your breath by expanding your belly with every inhale that you take our body as longing for this deepening of the breath.

And the more stressed we are, the more shallow our breath gets. The more we start to focus outside, tried to fix problems and are busy with our head. The less we pay attention to our body and to our breath.

I invite you now to fully breathe in to your belly center. And drop your belly, why are you inhale deep, deep breath in into your belly. And let go. Your whole body with your exhale. Just allow yourself to drop completely as if every tension would just fall off. And now I invite you to sense your spine. your spine is your central channel. your spine is this part of your body where you can bring yourself back into alignment and balance.

I invite you now to honestly ask yourself if you’re trying to seek balance from anything coming from the outside and mostly This is an automatic reaction that we have and we’re not even aware of it. Yet the true balance comes from within and we all have it you have the balance within you. And now is the time to reclaim that balance. Imagine now that underneath you on the bottom of your body where you touch the surface there’s a hole and this hole is now as big as a coin and for this whole a dark red energy is coming up through your spine. And as a sec movement in a movement from left to right going up from the bottom of the spine.

Up through your lower back through the back of your heart, your shoulders for the up to your neck. The very top of the spine, just where your hat is balancing on. And feel this six sec movement of this dark Rhett energy that is coming from below and has now entered your spine giving you the support and the hold and strength that you need for alignment. And now from above. I want you to imagine a clear waterfall. This waterfall is dropping its water into your spine right where your hat is balancing on your neck. And this water is now dropping in into your body. As if it fills up your spine with every single drop, Drip, drop, drip drop. With every drop you gain more strength and freshness. And this water is a healing water. Water that clears the wounds within you. Water that washes away everything that is no longer needed. And it’s melting together with this dark energy. This dark color from below these two qualities the light and freshness and the support and hope are meeting those they start to meet in a dancing movement in your spine in your central channel, creating stability creating balance and now you just store these two colors these two elements within you they are now stored within your spine imagine a wind flag on its mast and as this wind lack this hold on this mast so are you hold on your central channel, on your spine no matter how stormy it is outside, or how stressful a situation can be. You are now balanced and supported and hold in this central channel of yours. You can always always come back to sense your back your spine and your remember that yours safe and that you’re stable as long as you have yourself with this remembrance of alignment from within. I invite you now to start deepening your breath again. start paying attention to the room that you’re in. start noticing your body. Start moving your fingers and slowly come back this moment Welcome back.

Just allow yourself to drop completely as if every tension would just fall off.

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