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Session 3/10


Good morning. Welcome to your meditation. I invite you to take a comfortable and seated position and allow yourself to feel how your breath is filling you up with new nerves. And with the exhale, you make space for the fresh and new to flow through your body. Inhale freshness and newness. Let go to allow the space for you then fill up your body with new air fresh air. And exhale, let go. I invite you now to imagine that you breathe in fresh air from the nature and this fresh air has a sensation of coolness. And at the same time an opening and cleansing feeling. And this opening, cleansing freshness is now entering every cell of your body with your inhale through your nose. And that go with the exhale everything that is not serving you everything that is old.

Just give it up the nature. And I invite you now to to sense your fingers for a moment. By simply paying attention to your hands and your fingers.

Feel how your fingers are filled with blood are filled with life. Your fingers and hands are waking up for this new and fresh day.

Already to be in use. And then service where you allow this aliveness to enter your fingers. Activate yourselves in your hands. Now bring your attention to your chest area. And feel your heartbeat. Feel your lungs are they’re filled up with air when you naturally Breathe in.

And now bring this alive newness, the freshness of this new day into your chest into your heart into your lungs and wake up every cell in your chest area. Now I want you to bring your attention to your belly center to your lower back and to your spine and fill these parts up with this new nuts Also wake up these parts of your body. Use your breath to support that process by bringing this fresh air in into these areas into your belly, into your spine, into your lower back. And now, start to activate your legs. Start your breathing into your legs. Wake up your legs. By feeling and imagining a tingling in your legs, as if a group of tiny little people are waking up every cell of your legs and calling in the new day. Brain, this wake up call further down to your feet. Bringing freshness newness into your feet. And from your feet. Imagine now a wave freshness is coming up from your feet further up to your knees. making its way through your hips, your belly, up your spine, your heart, your arms and hands. This wave of new units is now shooting up through your throat in a spiral movement, calling in the new day calling in new expressions and waking up your whole face. And I want you now to bring a smile to your lips to your face. As if you smile to this new day. This new day with new opportunities with new possibilities, new moments, new experiences. Today it is a new day. And this new day allows you to choose a new lead no every cell of your body smile. As if every cell in your body has a face with a smile on its lips. And by sending this smile to your whole body. You’re also giving a sign to your brain and to your whole system that you welcome this new day and that you are open for all these new opportunities to come to you today. With this smile in every cell of yours. Start to send your body it can start to move your body. Allow every movement to happen. Listen to your body and welcome yourself back to this moment. Have a beautiful day.

And now bring this alive newness, the freshness of this new day into your chest into your heart into your lungs and wake up every cell in your chest area.

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